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So I have 5 sketchbooks I’m decorating for MCM Scotland:

  1. Doctor who
  2. ???? oh god probably Sherlock
  3. ???? idk maybe Harry Potter
  4. ?
  5. ?? maybe leave this for a commission at the con.

help me 

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trying to plan a dr who themed sketchbook cover and its so hard. do I want to do one with silhouettes of 9,10,11,12 or do i just want to do little doodles like a dalek, a gasmask, a bowtie etc

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gremlin and charlesbazaar go MCM Scotland y’all

sooooo after the ridiculous success that was mine and charlesbazaar's MCM Scotland last year we're doing it again - with even more awesome shit 


charlesbazaar is Queen of handmade geeky jewellery and accessories (and is introducing some Game of Thrones and Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired stuffs this con aww yiss)

and I’ll be her sidekick/in-house-artist who’ll be making up jewellery/art goody bags, guarding the energydrink and drawing commissions. 
(my new stuff includes Harry Potter character series, stickers, aaand sketchbooks with hand-drawn covers. hell yiss)
I’ll be trading under the name Goffietwerb so come find usimage

lets go to Glasgow motherhuggers

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reason 473 my massive doggie is the best


when she curls up at the base of my chair I can use her as a footrest.

cons to this include snoring puppy who whines if you move your feet.

irynmudda said: Are we not going to talk about how she’s shit scared of tiny dogs? Like does she even know that they are also dogs? Does SHE KNOW SHE’S A DOG?!

She’s scared of everything she is afraid of towels, the hoover, the green bits on tomatoes, cats, the smell of cats, Emma, tiny dogs and clicky pens.
Don’t even get me started about the time she barked at a plastic bag.

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